Friday, March 28, 2008

Schooling is Not a Closed Book

We are in the early stages at the moment of planning ahead for next year, and revising what we currently have as a school web-page. This will require some inspired thinking from Jason Levy (Principal) and Christina Jenkins (Tech Coach), but I thought maybe someone else might have some suggestions. Please feel free to leave a comment suggesting what we might not have thought of yet.

New school website needs to

  • either replace the wiki, or the wiki should be revised and embedded within the new school website
  • have both general access and multi-level restricted access
  • be comprehensive in terms of advertising and archiving everything that goes on within the school
  • be versatile to fit with the other applications that we use most frequently
  • be sustainable to warrant the time that would need to be invested in creating and maintaining it
  • be practical/user-friendly to encourage high usage
  • be tracked using site analysis application such as Google Analytics

Include school details:

  • leadership team
  • location
  • mission statement
  • history
  • description
  • newsletter (in the form of blog) through headline animator or RSS feed

Provide convenient external links to

  • NYCDOE site and docs (ARIS, ACUITY, Learning Surveys, Progress Reports, SQR, test materials)
  • iteach-ilearn
  • united streaming
  • atomic learning
  • brainpop

Have a Students' Corner and Parents' Corner:

  • Calendar with coming events
  • Forum
  • Focus for each month
  • Celebration Pages
  • shout outs

House our online teacher library:

  • systems and protocols
  • exemplar student work
  • standards and performance indicators, curriculum maps, unit plans, lesson plans, online resources
  • team meeting notes
  • PD calendar
  • PD resources
  • school-wide data (Progress Report/s, SQR summaries, past NY ELA and Math results)
  • grade-wide data (spreadsheets tracking common assessments)
  • team-wide data

Include RSS feeds to:

  • Hardlines - student newspaper
  • Celebrations Pages
  • Parenting blog/podcasts/voicethreads
  • 339web

    If we end up using Google Sites, teachers will need to start using their accounts to enable fast access into anything for which they have permission to view/collaborate.

    Ideally, parents should have access to curriculum maps, assessment schedules and rubrics.

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