Monday, March 24, 2008

School Boards and Parents Onboard

I.S. 339 is hosting a Parent Community Expo in late April, and this pleases me for so many reasons. The more that we can get parents involved in middle school education, particularly in the Bronx, the better chance we have of keeping students engaged.

We have talked on many occasions this year about ways that we can use technology to involve the parents. Although this isn't easy, some teachers are making use of gmail and blogs to communicate more effectively, and they have provided some technology and video demonstrations at parent conference nights. I'm particularly looking forward to the day when students can share their Google Docs with their parents, or the day that a parent Skypes in to talk to a class about a career choice or pressing social issue!

For this reason, I was very pleased to discover School of Thought, the blog by a South Dakota School Board member, Fred Deutsch. Fred states that he is passionate about education, and it shows in his blog. I highly recommend it.

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