Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Math Reflections and Shout outs

Two of the grade 8 Math classes (807/808) are about to launch into work stations, thanks to a great deal of planning from Ms. Heiser and Ms. Lovett.

To enhance students' learning, blog posts will be used for weekly reflections and 'shout outs'. There's no need to create new student blogs as each student already has his/her own from the ELA online media unit in February. Additionally, teachers have already subscribed to these blogs so they can continue to track work easily using Google Reader.

The four work stations will be focused on:

  • Percentage Project (with Ms. Heiser)

  • Math-ography (the math extended writing pieces)

  • Targeted Re-mastery (with Ms. Lovett)

  • Self-guided Interactive Online Work (using either mathscore.com or mysavingsquest)

To reflect on their work (and to keep their international readers satisfied), students will reflect on these prompts at the end of the first week:

  1. Which work station do you think is helping you to learn most effectively?

  2. What do you think this tells you about the type of learner that you are (for instance, you prefer to

work independently,

work in a group,

have a teacher helping,

be using the computer,

work at your own pace,

be challenged,

be able to visualize through diagrams,


3. To whom would you give special mention (a shout out) for

making a big effort this week,

achieving something that presented a big personal challenge,

or being a great team member or teacher?

4. What are your goals in math for next week?

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jenny said...

Wow Pat - it looks like you're doing amazing things - can't believe it's possible to achieve so much remotely. Our school is 1:1 and we aren't using technology the way your school is. I'm really the only one on this page at my school - it makes you feel isolated when you go in gushing about new ways of doing things and people look at you blankly! I'll be reading and skyping.
Jenny Luca.

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