Monday, April 28, 2008

Beta Blogging

While too much discussion about 'blogging etiquette' makes me a little uneasy, two recent blog posts from Silvia Tolisano and Sue Waters set out some useful tips for improving your blogging experience.

I only say that an emphasis on 'blogging etiquette' makes me uneasy because I worry that instead of a socializing experience, we run the risk of normalizing the blogging practice, which runs counter to being reflective and creative.

Therefore, any advice offered up about blogging should probably be viewed as a helpful 'guide' rather than a 'given'.


jenny said...

Hi Pat,
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I agree with you about iGoogle - I've introduced it to friends and students and it's one of the turning points in getting uptake.
Jenny Luca.

Jennifer Sharber said...

This has been an incredibly helpful tutorial, Pat!

robin.ellis said...

Pat, I agree with you, although I also believe if we are the ones modeling in our teaching, we have to model good practices ourselves. I do think the posts recently which speak to blogging etiquette are doing so as guidelines, at least that is the way I have taken what I have read in those posts.

Pat Wagner said...

Hi Robin,
I agree with you entirely. When I said that I was a little worried about 'imposed guidelines on blogging', I certainly wasn't referring to the recommendations from Sue and Silvia.
You make a very good point about the need for us to be modeling. I was just suggesting that we also need to leave scope for creative uses of blogs and any other web 2.0tools.

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