Thursday, May 7, 2009

Want a taste of Dot-to-Dot?

This is the promotional video prepared by Christina Jenkins and Jana Schmieding:


Scratch me Back said...

G'day Pat. Just found your blog in a roundabout way via Frontline - Education in the Digital Age. Watched the video you had on Dot to Dot. What is that about? Like the work you are doing with technology. I teach at GoTafe in Shepparton Victoria. So, you are an Aussie, doing work with schools in the USA. Cool. I am getting the opportunity this year to have my first overseas trip going to the USA to visit Big Picture schools. Love to have a chat to you about a few things.

Pat Wagner said...

Hi Geoff,
Go to to find out more about Dot-to-Dot. You can contact me at for a chat about visiting the U.S.

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