Monday, May 12, 2008

Google Docs and Wikispaces are a Good Combo

Just when I was growing a little tired of wikispaces, Jason Levy has shown me something new. Not only is it possible to embed Google Spreadsheets, Google Presentations and ustream broadcasts into a wiki page, you can also embed a Google Doc into a wiki page as well.

This is really something special, because you can also edit the Google Doc from within the wiki by scrolling right down to the bottom and clicking on 'edit this document if you have permission'.

We have been using Google Docs all year in so many different ways, and the school wikispace serves as a great archiving site for these documents and spreadsheets.

My only reservation about embedding Google Presentations is that they can result in the web page being slow to load up. However, the resulting effect of the embedded files is really great.


The Innovative Educator said...

Wow, that's powerful. I did not know you could embed Google docs in a wiki either. Do contributers still need a Google account? I'm going to have to experiment with this.

How long before Google buys Wikispaces? From what I've seen it's better their Google Sites.

stoneTeacher said...

Patrick, thank you for this post. I'd had a wikispace for my teaching practice, but didn't really know how I could use it. After reading about embedding Google Docs, I tried it out:
Tried it out with Google Calendar too - works great!

Caryn Good said...

I love this idea too but it's not working right for me! I embedded the code but on my wiki it is a very small box that doesn't show the whole document!! Very frustrated!!! How can I change the size?!?!?!

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