Saturday, February 9, 2008

Google 'Forms' have so much potential for the classroom

I'm very excited about Google's release of 'Forms' - essentially a 'create your own survey' component of Google spreadsheets. It's easy to use, FREE, and it gathers the responses straight into a Google spreadsheet.

For classes with access to a computer, a teacher could now use these surveys for:

  • an anticipation guide
  • a Do Now activity
  • class research/polling activities
  • student self-evaluation of understanding (end of lesson/end of week/end of unit)
  • diagnostic, formative or even summative assessments
  • unit evaluation - students' feedback on whether or not they enjoyed a certain unit
  • parent feedback

The increased ability to gather data now enables easier differentiation. We can group students more easily, and more quickly, and continue the cycle of gathering the next round of data to drive further instruction.

Frankly, I love it!!!! See for yourself, and complete the survey.

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