Monday, December 3, 2007

PD Reflections in Blogs

The reflective quality of blogs surely makes them ideal for reflections (and feedback and evaluation) at the end of a professional development session. In a weird sort of way, the blog provides the perfect thinking cap.

On the one hand, the blogger gets the opportunity of being reflective and introspective, or letting some creative thoughts run wild. On the other hand, the facilitator of the PD gains some sense of the level of impact that the PD might have had.

As teachers, we rarely do such writing - except maybe on a PD feedback form, which doesn't have the same depth or direction as a blog.

This takes some effort, as most us aren't used to spilling our thoughts via keyboard. The cumulative product at the end of a year though, should be something to behold. Gradually, our writing flow should loosen up, maybe lighten up, and in the end it will add up - to a great record of our growth as an educator.

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